Best Boy

“This astonishing story of goodness and resilience, about the adventure of loving and being loved, is a marvel of Wordsworthian perception, inviting us to behold existence through unclouded eyes, with an unguarded heart, as though we and the world had never grown apart. The music of consciousness playing in these pages will stay with you long after you've finished reading. A literary experience of piercing, invigorating, profound humanity.”
–Walter Kirn

Best Boy is a remarkable achievement--an intimate and convincing portrayal of what the world looks like from inside the mind of a mentally handicapped but unusually sensitive, observant, and decent man.”
–Alison Lurie

“Amid the flood of books about autism in childhood comes this gripping novel about the fresher territory of autism in midlife… written with elan, wit, and great empathy.”
–Andrew Solomon

“I was deeply moved by the stark beauty of this novel.”
–Jonathan Rosen

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